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Luxembourg, or the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as it's officially called, is made for fairy tales - the country is pint-sized with verdant highlands and valleys, ancient forests and hilltop medieval castles, vineyards and riverside villages. It's also something of a Cinderella story - after a tumultuous and unsure history, today it has the world's second highest GDP per capita.

And for this reason, Luxembourgers are proud - indeed their national motto is "Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir sin" or "We want to remain what we are".

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3 Things to Know Before Moving to Luxembourg

 1. Foreigners are welcomeLuxembourg is one of the few countries where foreigners outnumber locals - more than 60% of the population are expats. That means if you're foreign, you fit in! In addition to Luxembourgish, you will hear French and German, widely spoken as the three official languages. English is increasingly spoken.2. No StarbucksMany international brands are not available in this tiny country, and that includes Starbucks... some would say this is a good thing, others will miss their Starbucks coffee in the morning. We leave that up to you.3. It's expensiveThere's a joke that an Luxembourger will never bend to pick up change smaller than one euro. Luxembourg is the world's fourth most expensive country to live in. But it also has the second highest GDP per capita in the world (after Qatar), so your salary should match the cost of living.

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