Did you know that Oslo has one of Europe`s most exciting concert schedules ?

There is always something going on in Oslo, Norway. The city has a vibrant concert scene, amazing nature and great food culture. We have created a list with what not to miss if you are moving to or visiting Oslo in 2016. Enjoy!

Oslo International Church Music Festival is an annual spring festival. Since 2001, the festival has been giving the public the chance to experience concerts in some of the city’s great churches. The festival presents church music from the Middle Ages up to the present time, making it an important steward of early music as well as a mediator of contemporary expression. In addition to experiencing the world’s leading choirs, orchestras and soloists, you can attend festival high mass, a festival exhibition, a tour of the city’s church organs, a master class, a festival café and family performances for children.

Inferno Meta Festival
With 40 bands over four days, the Inferno Metal Festival is the largest metal festival in Norway, and draws fans from all over the world. On the club day, Wednesday, there are concerts at the smaller clubs John Dee, Vulkan Arena, Pokalen, Blå, Revolver, Kulturhuset, Kniven Bar og Aye Aye Club. Thursday-Saturday the concerts take place at Rockefeller and John DEE. Confirmed artists for 2016: Mayhem, Exodus, Marduk, Ics Vortex, Thaw, Craft, and Nifelheim.

Winter is here!
Winter in Oslo offers miles and miles of cross-country ski trails, or maybe you would like to test your ice-skating or downhill skiing skills. Not enough action? Try speeding down the 2-kilometer toboggan run Korketrekkeren (=”the cork screw”), Oslo’s most popular sled run which is located close to Holmenkollen. The 2-kilometer sled run offers action and fun for adults and big kids. Oslo is a city with many hills, so if you have small children or you don’t want to go all the way to Holmenkollen, there are many places to try some sledding. If you don’t have a sled, a plastic bag will do the trick! – See more at: www.visitoslo.com

Cross Country Skiing
More than 2,600 km (1,600 miles) of prepared cross-country ski trails run deep into the forests of Oslo. 90 km are lit for the special atmosphere of evening tours. Skiers can stop at 44 picturesque cabins, where some are only open for overnight visitors while others are open for refreshments and home made pastries. Whether you seek a relaxing experience to enjoy the magic of silence and snow-capped pine trees, or you prefer to get a real workout, the trails await you.

Jarlsberg Cheese – one of Norway’s best kept secrets!
Jarlsberg cheese is a mild cow’s-milk cheese with large regular holes, commonly referred to as “eyes”, that originates from Jarlsberg, Norway.

In the 1820s, Swiss master cheese makers visited Norway’s Jarlsberg & Laurvig County (now known as Vestfold County). The Swiss were famous for making cheese with holes, and they taught the locals some of their closely guarded secrets. The locally produced Swiss cheese disappeared over time, but the legend of its memorable taste lived on together with the cheese-making traditions.

By 1956 a group of students and scientists at the Agricultural University of Norway decided to explore these cheese legends and to combine them with modern cheese making technology. They read ancient texts and recipes, and under the leadership of Professor Ole Martin Ystgaard they created a cheese with fine, round holes. The cheese was given the name Jarlsberg®.

So why does it taste so good? How do we make it so nutty and delicious? And crucially, how do we get the holes inside? Well, every legend has its mysteries, and this one is of Norway’s most closely guarded secrets. So when you gather with family or friends to enjoy the fine taste of Jarlsberg®, you can invent a few legends of your own.

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