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The beautiful beach at Moens klint © Sofia Sjöö

The beautiful beach at Moens klint
© Sofia Sjöö

With a capital as vibrant, colorful and exciting as Copenhagen, other Danish cities are often forgotten by tourists and residents in the Copenhagen area. However, Denmark has so much more to offer than just Strøget and the Little Mermaid, why, no matter if you are relocating for a shorter time or are moving for good, you should take the opportunity to explore more of this small but great country’s hidden gems.

Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, is increasing its reputation as a cultural mecca. Art gallery ARoS, with its splendid view over the city from the rainbow-colored panorama walkway, is most definitely worth a visit. If you get hungry from all the art spotting, there is an excellent café, serving Nordic tapas and meat from local farms located within the gallery.

With water almost as turquoise as the Mediterranean’s and its breathtaking nature, the island of Moen is a true Danish treasure. Take a walk along the shoreline, look for dinosaur bones hidden under the pebbles on the beach, admire the famous “klint” or feast on fresh fish and figs. Moen has something for everyone and is the perfect location for a summer holiday.

At the top of Denmark you find Skagen, the city known for its light which has attracted artists for decades. However, there is much more to do than to visit art galleries or exhibitions in this part of the country. If you prefer a more active holiday, why not rent an Islandic horse and go for a gallop on the beach or do as the Danes, and bike around the dunes. Located near the ocean is the migrating sand dune, Raabjerg Mile. On a clear day, the photo opportunities provided by the massive sand dune and a blue sky is worth the sometimes challenging climb. Whiles in Skagen, don’t miss the chance to stand with each foot in a different sea where Skagerrak and Kattegat meets at Grenen beach.

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