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France is the most visited country in the world, and yet many misconceptions about the French persist. For example, the French will tell you that contrary to popular belief they are not rude but simply follow different rules of etiquette...Once you understand the French way, and can speak a little French (a few words can take you a long way), you will uncover a country with very high standards of living where comfort, food, leisure and culture take precedence over all else. And, of course, it's the country of human rights so the healthcare system is good.And yet, it remains an affordable country allowing you take full advantage of all it's gastronomic and cultural delights!Learn more about France here

3 Things to Know Before Moving to France

 1. Learn French

The French have a reputation for speaking only French. It's a well-earned reputation. If you want to feel welcome and at home in France, this is the most important thing you can do: learn some French before you arrive.

2. Red-tape

Sorting out paperwork in France can be a vicious circle: you'll need a document to apply for a second document, but will need the second document to apply for the first one. You get the idea! For your own peace of mind, speak to our Allied Relocation consultant in France.

3. Health Care

France has one of the best Health Care systems in the world, provided by the "Sécurité sociale". It reimburses a portion of medical expenses, in return for a low basic payment.

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Frequently Asked Question

Immigrating to France

Must I register at the local city hall?
Prefecture has provided a receipt for my resident permit application (récépissé). Does this document allow me to travel?
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Living in France

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Why should I purchase a comprehensive insurance policy for my home when my company already provides me an insurance for my personal belongings when I am abroad? In my country it is the owner who insures the house!

Schooling in France

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