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 Norway is one of the best places in the world to live. This is a fact. Norway top of the lists for things life expectancy, average salary, education levels, lack of crime and equality between men and women. It's Europe's second least densely populated country, with the fourth highest per capita income in the world and it is the world's second wealthiest country.Besides impressive statistics, the Norwegian people and culture are captivating and it's landscape renowned, laced with fjords (long winding sea inlets that run between towering cliffs cut by glaciers), coastal towns and rolling mountains.It's also a country for those who like the challenge of something different. The weather can take some getting used to - because of the high latitude from May to July you have 20 hours of daylight and from late November to January you have almost constant night, which is why it's often called the "Land of the Midnight Sun".Learn more about Norway here

3 Things to Know Before Moving to Norway

 1.  LanguageLearn to speak Norwegian before your arrive. While you may find someone who can speak English, you will quickly start to feel isolated if you cannot speak Norwegian. It will also greatly improve your employment options.2. WinterNewcomers to Norway find the long, dark Winters difficult and they may experience seasonal depression. To survive the winters with a smile on your face ensure that you eat fish oil, exercising daily and get out of the house daily.3. "Jante – loven"Janteloven is an important Norwegian value that is difficult to grasp for immigrant to Norway. It translates, roughly, to conformity and equality between all people. So flaunting your new flashy car, your wealth or achievements is considered inappropriate.

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