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Sweden is the country where "the moose is king, Pippi Longstocking is a hero and innovation rules" according to the official Swedish websiteAnd in some ways, this description really does sum up the country...In Sweden, outdoor sports and living is as important as technology and innovation.  Despite being the third largest country in the European Union, it's sparsely populated. That makes a weekend in the country an easy option.Yet Sweden is far from a rural backwater.  The World Economic Forum ranks it as the fourth-most competitive country in the world, and because the country dedicates 3.5% of its GDP to Research and Development, it's an innovation leader.The country is also leading the way for gender equality, according to the European Commission which listed Sweden as first for political and educational equality.Learn more about Sweden here

3 Things to Know Before Moving to Sweden

 1. Housing is limitedFinding a place to call home can be difficult and costly in Sweden - there is a shortage of available accommodation, and often the apartments are small and costly. Using a local relocation firm can help you navigate the process quickly. Speak with our Allied Relocation consultant in Sweden to find a home that suits your budget and needs.2. You can speak EnglishWhile Swedish is the official language, it ranks as the second country in the world where English is widely spoken and most people speak English here. Learning Swedish is still a good idea for full integration, and to impress the neighbours.3. Fathers push pramsSweden is the leading European country for gender equality. This means fathers most often pull their weight when it comes to parenting and house-keeping responsibilities. Couples in Sweden, get 480 days of paid parental leave which can be shared between the parents. It's not unusual to see fathers pushing prams on early morning park walks. 

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Buying or renting houses? What is best for expats moving to Sweden?

Once you have made the decision to set up business in Sweden, your corporate relocation services plan will immediately create corporate immigration needs. Employees will need such things as business VISAs, a Swedish tax-ID, enrolment in Swedish Social Insurance, and a local bank account, but one of the most basic needs will be to arrange […]


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Newcomer’s guide to Temporary Accommodation in Sweden

The most common challenges regarding finding temporary accommodation in Sweden are * Limited supply * A shortage of larger rentals – small apartments are the norm for service flats * Pets are not welcome Many expats moving to Sweden have to wait for their household goods to arrive. This means that there is often a […]


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As with all corporate immigration, immigration compliance is essential when relocating employees to Sweden. This is a process which can be very time consuming. Shaving days off each step of your employee’s VISA application can be a great gain for a project or for the future of a company. So how can you save time? […]


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