How to greet new employees – a checklist guide

Welcoming new employees is lovely and demanding at the same time, especially if you have recruited from abroad to fill a skills gap. The needs are different and far more wide reaching than for the local hires who are truly local.

Make the first month a positive one! There are a number of things to plan;

1. Before the first day, send an email to the organization or tell everyone at a joint meeting introducing the new recruits so staff can acknowledge their presence upon arrival.

2. Send an email to your new employees welcoming them to the organization and outlining where you or another member of staff will meet them on the first day and a schedule for the day. List things they need to bring such as a driver license or ID card for instance.

3. Ask them to come in a bit later on the first day so you can get anything else out of the way and give them your undivided attention when they come.

4. Practical matters: Have a work station ready with a list of necessary passwords. An employee file with full details of insurance documents etc should also be prepared.

5. Introductions: Make them feel welcome and at ease. Make introductions to key people and those in their individual teams.

6. Give a tour of all the departments in the company, including the factory or plant to truly understand the business.

7. Have an orientation program in place, where to find things from the coffee machine to the accounting department.

8. Schedule training and introduce them to the material that you have so she can get to know the organization.

9. Share the employee manual.

10. Take them to lunch during the first week.

11. Share the bios of other close staff members so they can get to know a little bit about their colleagues.

12. Introduce them to clients and vendors.

13. Have a mentor and a buddy system.

14. Include them in activities and meetings and make a point of asking for their input.

15. Give her something to do. It is hard to get started when you are new but some tasks don’t call for eons of experience.

16. Check in at the end of the day and week.

The welcome should be ongoing. Ask regularly how it is going and follow up on the training plan. At Newcomer’s we are always trying to improve how we do things both internally and for our clients.

We are happy to share this with you and would love to hear your best practices. Please contact us at and we will get back to you. We hope you have enjoyed the material and that it is helpful, feel free to share it with others that can benefit.

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