News from the Danish Business Authority – New Ministry


According to the new legislation passed on the 28th of June 2015 a new ministry has been created. This ministry will be the Foreigner-, Integration- and Housing ministry. Inger Støjberg former minister and member of the Danish Parliament has been named minister of the new ministry.


Tasks regarding foreigners who used to belong to separate ministries and institutions within the government have now been relocated to lie within the new ministry. This includes cases regarding asylum, family reunification visas, work and study visas amongst others. As a consequence of this, the DIS and STAR have been relocated to now work under the same authority, this authority being the new ministry. Assignees seeking visas within the work and study area, until further notice is given, will still be allowed to send applications to STAR located in Njalsgade 72C, København S.


Any further changes in the correct authority contact information will be announced on .


Furthermore the Positive List was reviewed on the 1st of July, and there are now 32 job titles on the list.


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