Reasons why expat children easily adapt to Spain


Spain by nature is a very welcoming country not only to its 50M+ tourists each year but also to its expat population offering:
– Fantastic location and geography but also weather which has a big positive effect on people.
– Unique local festivities to be participated and enjoyed by all together with its varied and healthy cuisine at a reasonable cost are just some good excuses for friendly get-togethers!

Nowadays more and more “life style Migrants” choose Spain to enjoy the amazing quality of life – still permitting working remotely with easy travel.

We often tell the expat families that if the parents are happy in the new environment so are the children. The international schools in Spain see a substantial increase in mothers preferring to stay in Spain, if it is possible, rather than going back home or to another destination. Basically, they recognize the excellent life style, almost no crime, good health system and schooling.

As for children of all ages, Spain offers an exceptional Life style too!

– Due to the climate a large part of the social life for younger expat children is happening outdoors, at the parks, the beach, etc., practicing all sports (encouraged by one of the best football league in the world with Real Madrid and Barça !) which enables the children to integrate smoothly, adapting to the new culture and language.

– Spain is known as the Kingdom for children and we are often being reminded that “los niños son los Reyes” – the children are the kings! Children are present everywhere, with their families or their peers, at any time of the day and night! There are no restrictions as far as whether younger children are welcome or not.

– Teenagers are particularly happy as soon as they discover and generally benefit from greater freedom due to a very safe environment.

– The school environment is also very friendly. According to international research Spain has a very low level of bullying in relation to other European countries, second only after Sweden amongst 24 countries.

– The language is not difficult to learn at a level of daily communication and the fact that Spanish youth is nowadays particularly interested in travelling and improving their English gives them an even more positive attitude towards cultural convergence.

Overall Spain offers an array of opportunities for young people to socialize, at least as much if not more than their parents!
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