Local orientation

local orientationOur orientation of the local area or destination, helps to prepare and introduce relocating employees and their families to their new home.

Based on your needs assessment, our local orientation program will give you a better insight, address all the major concerns you may have (such as healthcare, banking, transportation, groceries and much more) and provide you with the essentials for feeling at home in the new country.

The local orientation includes:

  • 6 hour orientation
  • a personalised Itinerary, based on the needs of each Transferee and their family
  • a welcome kit with important and interesting information

This forms part of the core relocation and immigration services offered by all our EURA accredited Allies in Relocation Excellence. Other relocation services include: Immigration and Relocation servicesGovernment and Corporate ComplianceTemporary AccommodationHouse HuntingSchool SearchSettling-in, and Departures Assistance.

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