School Search

school searchOur local relocation consultants will find a school to suit your family’s needs

Finding the right school is an important part to any family move, and one of the most difficult tasks.

Our local consultants will provide an objective overview of the schooling available in your new location and assist you and your family through the selection process, providing guidance and support.

The School Search package includes:

  • sourcing all the available options to suit your curriculum requests and placement availability
  • scheduling accompanied school visits
  • advises and guidance on the school application process
  • tracking and following up on selected school waiting lists

This forms part of the core relocation and immigration services offered by all our EURA accredited Allies in Relocation Excellence. Other relocation services include: Immigration and Relocation servicesGovernment and Corporate ComplianceLocal OrientationTemporary AccommodationHouse HuntingSettling-in and Departures Assistance.

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