The ‘Un-not’ Challenge

trolltunga in norway

Is it possible to take the “nots’” out of our everyday vocabulary?  I say ‘yes!’ to removing “nots’”!  I like to challenge myself every time I write an email – and avoid using negative language. It takes work, because it is easier and faster to say things with a negative word, than with a positive one. While we are all in a hurry to get more done in less time, our writing style can suffer and create unwanted effects. It takes extra thought to rephrase a sentence in order to avoid saying no or not; but it is possible to express yourself without them. Here are a few tips: discover the power of “un”! For example, “It is unlikely that this property can be held for a week. I am unable to guarantee that it will still be available by then.”

After ‘Googling’ the effects of positive vs. negative language, I stumbled on interesting scientific experiments with water. Apparently when pure water is frozen, it forms beautiful ice crystals that can be seen by using a microscope. On the other hand frozen polluted water is incapable of producing these crystals that resemble snowflakes. The scientist, Masaru Emoto, took 2 vials, filled one with polluted water and labeled it with words like: I love you. Peace. The other vial contained clean non-polluted water had negative words written on it like: I hate you. Fear. When the vials were examined 24 hours later after they had frozen, the polluted water had miraculously formed the snowflake crystals and the clean water was dark and clumpy!  Emoto’s experiments proved that energy generated by positive or negative words can actually change the physical structure of an object [Dr. Habib Sadeghi D.O]. That is a little ‘water for thought’!


Take the challenge: Create a “not’” free environment! And let me know how you fair by writing to !


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