Expertise and Trusted Partners

Your relocation journey is supported in a holistic manner. From immigration and travel to education, housing, and health, you have peace of mind before departing your home country, well into your host country experience. This gives you the assurance and stability needed, when and where you need it. 

ARE Mobility consultants understand change. We use our more than 25 years of experience to help you manage the challenges of international and/or domestic relocation, quickly and efficiently, for a smooth, stable transition

With a global mindset and a network of specialized local experts, we provide mobility solutions based on high performance, trust, integrity, diversity, and flexibility for our clients and everyone involved – corporate HR departments, relocation and travel departments, Transferees, and Families.

ARE Group Mobility Services (click on image for full screen)

In addition to the Core Relocation and Immigration Services listed above, we also offer advisory services, tenancy management, move management, partner support, management of group moves, and outbound services.

Your relocation support is enhanced by:

  • regional pricing across Europe for optimal budget control
  • local mobility consultants working directly with HR Departments, transferring employees and their families for caring and effective service
  • ongoing communications (in your time zone!)
  • one contact, one invoice. That means easy tracking for international assignments
  • flexibility and attention to detail resulting in relocation excellence every step of the way

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