We understand change and that each journey is different.

ARE Group mobility and relocation solutions network operates in 8 countries across Europe, we have the know-how to ensure your success bringing you a global mindset with local expertise.

Our innovation lies in:

  • A unique horizontal structure with a centralized contact desk for initiation, follow-up, and administration in each location.
  • The support of a Central Intelligence Office for the whole network to count on for effectively managing cases and quickly bringing solutions where and when needed.
  • Direct contact with local relocation experts during service delivery, giving you a dedicated expert for support.
  • Local experts with the first-hand, latest knowledge of government, local, and corporate compliance, ensuring your relocation meets all necessary requirements.
  • Meeting your policy, budget, and mobile workforces’ needs, with customized relocation and mobility programs specific to your destination and timeline under one central office.
  • Local destination teams committed to going the extra mile with diligence and personal care for relocating employee and their families to ensure everyone’s satisfaction.
  • A trusted partner in mobility and relocation services for clients worldwide thanks to a network with over 25 years of proven consistent, quality, and excellent service delivery.

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